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The Most Exciting Live Entertainment Game in South Carolina

If you're looking for an adrenaline-filled, pulse-pounding way to have fun all day, grab an axe and get your throw on at Lumber Jill's! Axe throwing is the newest, most popular live entertainment game in the Lowcountry. It's kind of like darts...but with axes! Axe throwing is great for a few hours of amusement, stress relief, team building, and even corporate events in Ladson, SC. Whether you're looking for a great way to celebrate the weekend or want a new idea for your company event, Lumber Jill's has got you covered.

The Lumber Jill's revolution began after co-owners Jill and Heath spent a date night with friends throwing axes in Charleston. After having so much fun, the entrepreneurial couple quickly realized they could create their own take on axe throwing. Soon after, Lumber Jill's was born!

The name Lumber Jill's isn't just a play on our co-owner's name - it involves a really interesting piece of history too. Across the pond, the Women's Timber Corps "manned" the lumber yards in England while the men were serving in WWII. They affectionately became known as Lumberjills, Britain's answer to Rosie the Riveter. Without these brave ladies, Lumber Jill's wouldn't exist. We would be remiss if we didn't salute them for the example they set!

At the end of the day, we want to provide every one of our guests with an outstanding axe-throwing experience. So, grab your friends, co-workers, family, or favorite people and join us for an axe-throwing party you won't soon forget.

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Axe Throwing Leagues Ladson, SC

Why is Axe Throwing in Ladson, SC So Popular?

Axes haven't been this popular in America since "The Shining" hit theaters way back in 1980!

In cities all around the nation, axe-throwing facilities are popping up left and right as a fun, healthy way for people of all ages to congregate and enjoy a night of friendly competition and stress relief. In the last few years, the sport of axe throwing has exploded - so much so that the World Axe Throwing League was assembled in 2017 to coordinate international axe-throwing competitions. Since that time, many axe-throwing events have popped up on national TV stations like ESPN.

 Axe Throwing Ladson, SC
But why is axe throwing so popular? Here are just a few reasons why Lumber Jill's and axe throwing as a whole is a hit in South Carolina:
Stress Relief

Perhaps the most popular reason folks love axe throwing in Ladson is for stress relief. We've even heard some customers say it's a cheaper form of therapy! In reality, axe tossing gives you a therapeutic release that is hard to replicate. A few hard throws with an axe and your body releases a flood of endorphins, which help increase your energy, improve your mood, and facilitate healthy blood flow. If you have pent-up anger, nothing feels better than chucking a heavy axe at a target. Hitting a bullseye is even better!


Since axe throwing is such an exhilarating activity, many people don't realize that they are exercising their arms, legs, abs, pecs, and even back when they come to Lumber Jill's. Like high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts, axe throwing works several muscle groups at once. These exercises strengthen your core and help define your muscles. When coupled with a healthy diet, regular axe-throwing activities can even help you shed a few pounds.

Corporate Comradery
Corporate Comradery

You might be surprised to hear that axe throwing is one of the most sought-after company event ideas in Ladson, SC. Sure, your colleagues might think it's a little weird to host a corporate meeting at an axe-throwing facility. But once your co-worker hits their target, they'll quickly understand how much fun they can have. Perhaps more importantly, axe tossing is a safe, fun way to conduct trust exercises and build team morale overall.

Unique Way to Have Fun
Unique Way to Have Fun

When you get right down to it, axe throwing is good, clean, healthy fun. Axe throwing helps relieve shoulder tension, while laughing helps engage your body's core. When you throw in an adult beverage or two, laughs become easier and fun flows more freely. You can't help but have the time of your life at Lumber Jill's in the Lowcountry.

Family Fun
Family Fun

Axe throwing isn't reserved only for adults - kids can get in on the fun and excitement too. Our warm, inviting atmosphere inspires people to embrace their inner champion, even if they're under 18. At Lumber Jill's, we can accommodate kids ages 10 and up. Before we pass them an axe, we will evaluate their skill level to ensure their safety. Contact us today for more info on birthday celebrations and whole facility rentals.

At Your Next Corporate Event

Status quote, average, ordinary...these are qualities that no employer would want out of their employees. So, why host a team-building event at a venue with the same characteristics?

If you're on the hunt for corporate event venues in Ladson, SC, you just hit the jackpot. We may be a little biased, but Lumber Jill's is a fantastic corporate event venue for companies looking to try something new.

Axe throwing for corporate events is fun, high-energy, and safe for all your employees. We're talking an adrenaline-filled day with your own private axe-throwing lanes. Get your clients or your team out of the office and give them something to be excited about!

Here are just a few reasons to reserve our facility for your company get together:

 Axe Throwing Center Ladson, SC
  • No Suit or Tie Required: Feel like taking a casual day? No judgments here! The only thing that matters is that you hit your target (or try your best to do so).
  • No Rain Delays: Unlike some outdoor venues, Lumber Jill's won't delay or cancel your event if it starts raining outside. We're here to make your corporate event more fun, rain or shine.
  • Skill Not Required: Never thrown an axe in your life? Have poor hand-to-eye coordination? Don't sweat it. Our coaches are know how to teach first-timers the positions and techniques they need to have a blast.
  • Large Groups Welcome: Do you have 20 or more people confirmed for your corporate event? We can make room for your whole team! Give us a shout and let us know about your upcoming event. That way, we can block off your desired day so you can have our entire facility to yourself.
  • Safety First: We take safety very seriously at Lumber Jill's. As such, we have implemented several safety rules to protect your team and ensure they have the best time possible.

Birthdays, Celebrations, and Reunions, Oh My!

In addition to our standard reservations, we are happy to offer celebration, corporate, and full facility rental packages. Planning a surprise birthday party for your best friend? Celebrating a life event with that special someone? Looking for a spot for your family reunion? Axe throwing in Ladson, SC is the perfect activity for your group! For the most memorable (or hazy) celebration, don't forget to ask us about alcoholic beverage service and additional lane time.

If you want to spice up your next birthday party or take your bachelorette party to the next level, our celebration package is the perfect fit. This package includes:
  • 2 lanes
  • 1 designated coach
  • 1.5 hours of axe throwing
  • Free shirt for a special guest
  • Table coverings
  • 1 drink for each guest
  • 12 axe throwers
  • 45 total minutes of throwing time
 Axe Throwing Location Ladson, SC

Please note that our celebration package is designed for customers over the age of 12. Two adults must be present at all times.

Common Questions. Helpful Answers.

We understand that axe throwing isn't your typical date night or even guy's night activity. We get it - you're hurling real axes at a target that is only a few feet away. On the surface, that can sound a little scary. But don't worry, many of our first-time guests have questions about how our process works too.

This is a great question and one that we receive quite often (crazy, right?). Axe throwing at Lumber Jill's is absolutely safe. In fact, safety is our #1 priority and has been since day one. Our knowledgeable axe-throwing coaches are trained to keep a keen eye on every axe thrower, whether they're solo or with a group. If, for ANY REASON our coaches feel like a person shouldn't throw an axe, they will not be permitted to do so. To help keep our facility safe, please refrain from bringing your own axe to Lumber Jill's. The same goes for any other kind of throwable object.
The easiest, fastest way to book your axe-throwing lane is to make your reservation online. Walk-ins are welcomed, but we cannot guarantee that we will have a spot open for you or your party. For inquiries about corporate events, facility rentals, or large celebrations, please contact us directly at (843)-879-3030.
We suggest you wear something that you find comfy and easy to wear for a few hours. Don't wear anything that will restrict your movement. The biggest "no-no" we have in terms of dress code is open-toed shoes, which are not allowed. If you pop in for a last-minute axe-throwing session, and need a pair of shoes, don't fret. We offer shoe rentals for $3 per person.
Unfortunately, we are not permitted to allow outside axes at Lumber Jill's. The same goes for any other object like throwing stars or throwing knives. We've got all you need to have the time of your life, including throwing axes.
Yes, absolutely. We are proud to have a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to keep you cool and hydrated. If you're feeling hangry, don't worry. We have plenty of tasty snacks to munch on if your tummy starts to rumble.

Axe of Kindness

One of the best parts of owning Lumber Jill's is our ability to give back to our local community. We are always on the hunt for new, inventive ways to serve our citizens. That's why, once a month, we host Axe of Kindness night to shine a light on an important organization, charity, or good cause. These exciting events give our customers a compelling way to make a real difference in someone's life.

If you have a donation request or are interested in hosting a fundraiser with Lumber Jill's, send us your info at

Latest News in Ladson, SC

Tickets on sale for Lowcountry's 1st Trucking Expo; event aims to ease industry challenges

LADSON, S.C. (WCIV) — For the last two years, the trucking industry has...

LADSON, S.C. (WCIV) — For the last two years, the trucking industry has struggled with an all-time high in truck driver shortages. Amid this crisis, a Charleston trucking company is looking to change the narrative right here in the Lowcountry.

In exactly four months’ time, the Coastal Carolina Fairgrounds will be full of truck service companies, operators and vendors taking part in the first-ever trucking expo in the Lowcountry and South Carolina.

The expo is hosted by the trucking agency CM Transportation. The event will serve two main purposes:

One is to connect prospective drivers with current operators, vendors or agencies to provide the first step into entry in the trucking industry and open doors to those who haven’t had the opportunity before. It also looks to connect these prospective drivers with resources on how to get certified and obtain a commercial driver’s license.

The second is to connect operators with vendors in an attempt to improve supply chain management and look at ways to increase revenue.

With the current driver shortage totaling nearly 80,000 drivers nationwide, according to the American Trucker Association, leaders with CM Transportation say they felt the need to step in to try and make a change.

“With there being so many changes, like the cost of diesel fuel right now increasing the rates, we have a lot of people who are interested in entering into our industry,” CM Transportation owner and operator Carisa Carter said. “The lack of knowledge is why we peril. So, they don't really have the information that a lot of people don't have. The information that they need when they begin their journey in trucking. So, I think that this will change the face, because now they'll see that there is a support system.”

Carter said another focus of hers is to increase the female presence in the trucking industry. She hopes to use her connections within female-owned small businesses to help connect truck drivers with big players in the industry.

Truck drivers are in high demand, but there are many more factors that contribute to some of the struggles within the trucking industry.

One is the hike in diesel fuel prices over the last few months. Mix that with supply chain delays, and trucking companies like CM Transportation say it has completely changed the cost analysis for many companies and even caused many financial struggles.

Entry into the industry has also become harder over the last few months. New federal laws passed in February increased prices to obtain a CDL, which is required to be able to become a truck driver, by thousands of dollars.

To combat this, trucking officials say they have seen the highest salaries for drivers in almost 23 years, and with Charleston’s roots in shipping and ports, CM Transportation leaders hope this expo will drive more people into the industry.

“From East Coast to West Coast, there's just not enough truck drivers to deliver the amount of cargo that came in after the world opened back up after COVID,” Carter said. “That is one of the foundations, the biggest industries, that we have here locally, and so we're, you know, with this being a port city, the value is increased nationwide, which has allowed us to increase the value of our drivers here.”

The official date of the expo is set for Sept. 17 at the Coastal Carolina Fairgrounds. There will also be food, a DJ and a raffle for an estimated $6,000 set of tractor tires.

Tickets officially go on sale Tuesday for the first-of-its-kind expo. General admission starts at $25, with a professional package with more amenities starting at around $50.

Check out ABC News Four’s Sean Mahoney’s Twitter or Facebook page for more information on how to sign up.

Elbit Systems of America, LLC establishing operations in Charleston County

COLUMBIA, S.C. – ...

COLUMBIA, S.C. Elbit Systems of America, LLC, a subsidiary of Elbit Systems Ltd., today announced plans to establish operations in Charleston County. The project will create approximately 300 new jobs.

Founded in 1983, Elbit Systems of America, LLC is a leading provider of high-performance products and system solutions focusing on the defense, homeland security, commercial aviation and medical instrumentation sectors.

Located at 9028 Palmetto Commerce Parkway in North Charleston, Elbit Systems of America, LLC’s new facility will increase the company’s manufacturing capacity and support future growth for new products.

The new facility is expected to be operational by fall 2022. Individuals interested in joining the Elbit Systems of America, LLC team should visit the company’s careers webpage.

The Coordinating Council for Economic Development has approved job development credits related to this project. Charleston County was also awarded a $700,000 Set-Aside grant to assist with costs related to this project.


“This is an exciting milestone for Elbit America, building on decades of investment and growth in the U.S. defense market. Establishing this facility is part of a strategy to increase Elbit’s engineering and manufacturing capabilities in the U.S. and contribute to strengthening America’s defense industrial base. We selected South Carolina due to its strong support for economic development, the availability of skilled workforce and the existence of a robust supply chain.” -Elbit Systems of America President & CEO Raanan Horowitz

“Elbit Systems of America, LLC’s decision to create approximately 300 jobs within South Carolina is a huge win for Charleston County and the entire state. This project is an example of what we are capable of as members of Team S.C. We are excited to welcome this company and look forward to supporting them for many years to come.” -Gov. Henry McMaster

“South Carolina continues to show itself as extremely competitive for companies looking to set up new operations. Elbit Systems of America, LLC’s decision to locate its new facility in South Carolina is another sign that our state’s business-friendly climate, skilled workforce and exceptional market access are working to attract investments that create new jobs within our borders.” -Secretary of Commerce Harry M. Lightsey III

“Charleston County is fortunate to have Elbit Systems of America, LLC join the ranks of our growing innovative ecosystem. We work hard each day to make our community business-friendly, resulting in the attraction of private investment and the creation of new job opportunities for our citizens.” -Charleston County Council Chairman Teddie Pryor

“The Port of Charleston is the nation’s most productive and efficient port. Charleston’s globally-connected infrastructure, robust defense sector, established automotive supply chain and reputation as a talent magnet influenced the company’s decision to locate here to better serve its customers. Elbit Systems of America, LLC will be a tremendous asset to our thriving defense, automotive and advanced manufacturing clusters.” -Charleston Regional Development Alliance Board Chairman Mike Fuller

This SC pup beat all odds for survival. Now he’s in the running for national hero dog award

Fire danced on the shed walls, sheltering Jake, his siblings and his mother. His mother and siblings escaped unharmed, but a piece of the inflamed ceiling fell on the 3-week-old puppy.Seven years later, Jake the pit bull from Ladson, S.C., is one of the semifinalists for the 2022 American Humane Hero Dog Awards out of 400 candidates from across the country.“When we got him out of the shed, he wasn’t breathing, wasn’t moving. I started doing mouth-to-snout until we got our pet oxygen mask,” said William L...

Fire danced on the shed walls, sheltering Jake, his siblings and his mother. His mother and siblings escaped unharmed, but a piece of the inflamed ceiling fell on the 3-week-old puppy.

Seven years later, Jake the pit bull from Ladson, S.C., is one of the semifinalists for the 2022 American Humane Hero Dog Awards out of 400 candidates from across the country.

“When we got him out of the shed, he wasn’t breathing, wasn’t moving. I started doing mouth-to-snout until we got our pet oxygen mask,” said William Lindler, Jake’s handler and one of the firefighters on the scene of that shed fire in 2015.

Jake was rushed to a local emergency vet’s office by a firetruck in Ladson. Jake began breathing on his own on the trip, but burns marred 75% of his tiny body.

His recovery took about three or four months, and on top of that, the young pit bull’s family abandoned him at the veterinarian’s office.

The office manager of the veterinarian clinic told Lindler that the family had been given options to proceed with Jake’s treatment and were left in the waiting room to fill out some forms.

“About five minutes later, they looked into the waiting room and they were gone,” Lindler said. “And they had just left the clipboard blank with the paperwork on it in the chair in the waiting room.”

After finding out what happened, Lindler automatically decided to adopt the puppy.

Jake followed Lindler to the fire station each day and was eventually sworn in as an Honorary Firefighter and the official mascot. The dog usually went with the team for truck rides and visited schools for fire prevention weeks with his dad.

When Jake wasn’t allowed to ride with the team to calls, things got a little messy. The first year Lindler had him, his wife bought Jake a TempurPedic dog bed for the station. Lindler and his team went out on a call and left Jake at the station because Lindler thought it was too late at night to take the dog along.

When Lindler got back, Jake was found standing on top of the kitchen table, staring at the firefighters with stuffing littered around him.

“It looked like it had snowed in the kitchen because he had totally destroyed that bed,” Lindler laughed. “He was accustomed to going with us on the trucks, but it was about 9 o’clock at night so I just decided to leave him at the station. Well, obviously, he did not like that very much.”

Jake was the star of Ladson’s City Hall and the schools during his three years as an ambassador. Although he had been burned badly, he was always happy to promote the positives and help out with demonstrations.

“The (students) absolutely loved him. I guess they thought it was the neatest thing that there was a puppy that wore a firefighter coat just like us and had a little helmet,” Lindler said.

Jake still carries fame today on social media, which led the American Humane Society to reach out to Lindler about entering Jake into the hero dog contest. His Instagram, “jakethefirepibble,” has more than 23,000 followers as of June 7.

“A couple of his canine buddies have competed in it in years past, and I always thought it was cool when they were doing it, but I never thought about, ‘Could I enter Jake? Should I enter Jake?” Lindler said.

Lindler said he hopes Jake’s story has a positive impact on everyone who’s heard it or has met Jake.

“Everyone has some form of scars, but you shouldn’t let those scars define you,” Lindler said. “(Jake’s injuries) do not slow him down one bit.”

Voting is open to choose the seven finalists in the 2022 American Humane Hero Dog Awards and will close July 22 at 3 p.m.

If you’d like to vote for Jake in the 2022 American Humane Hero Dog Awards and see the other nominees, visit

WHS Class of 1965 celebrates 57th reunion and 75th birthdays

The Washington High School Class of 1965 had 214 graduates in their class. As a result of their 55th Reunion being canceled due to COVID in 2020, 67 classmates and guests reunited the weekend of June 4 to celebrate their 57th year reunion and 75th birthdays.On June 3, a traditional wiener roast with all the trimmings was hosted by Bob and Judy Cornelius and enjoyed by everyone around the campfire and by the pond. Entertainment was provided by all who came. Jerry Flake was the star entertainer with his song and shooting some trick shot...

The Washington High School Class of 1965 had 214 graduates in their class. As a result of their 55th Reunion being canceled due to COVID in 2020, 67 classmates and guests reunited the weekend of June 4 to celebrate their 57th year reunion and 75th birthdays.

On June 3, a traditional wiener roast with all the trimmings was hosted by Bob and Judy Cornelius and enjoyed by everyone around the campfire and by the pond. Entertainment was provided by all who came. Jerry Flake was the star entertainer with his song and shooting some trick shots at the hoop. Alan Mckown was a close second with his humorous stories. Bella and Tate provided shuttle service to all that needed a ride to the pond. Everyone had a great time and can’t wait to do it again.

On June 4, several WHS class members met in front of Washington High School for a memorial service around the cherry tree and monument which were placed there by the class as a permanent memorial on June 30, 1995. Yellow ribbons were placed on the tree with the names attached of each of their 74 deceased classmates: Doris Cox Adamson, Richard G. Adamson, William T. Armes, Bennie L. Arney, Phyllis Hostetter Beatty, Thomas Lee Belcher, Carl Wayne Birt, Jerry Boger, Shirley Jackson Brewer, Janis Thomas Brothers, Ronnie James Burton, Donald Dean Carnahan, Sherri Chattin, Louis Dant III, Donald Carl Dillon, Mary Brennan Ducharme, Louise Dunigan, David Ray Durnil, Garry Duzan, Linda Rayman Dyer, Harold David Eagle, Edna Shelton Edwards, James Richard Elmore, R. Alan Englehart, Richard E. Faith, Gary Fields, C. Dennis Gaither, Randal O. Gharst, Gretchen Gines, Daniel M. Grannan, Harold K. Green, Terrence L. Gregory, John W. Grove, Carlene Birt Hagemeier, Tina Maxine Edwards Hert, Michael Eugene Hughes, Stanley Michael Jones, Don Joe Kenworthy, Thomas R. Klingle, James Oliver Lyons, David Clyde Mattingly, James Payne Mayhorn, Carolyn Overton McDonald, Margaret (Peg) McKinney, Stephen W. Morgan, Patrick B. Morris, Diana Palmer Myers, John Steven Osmon, Stephen Lee Osmon, Paul D. Overton, James E. Padgett, Monica Hughes Parsons, Raymond E. Prueitt, Doug Ramsey, Michael Lee Ray, Mike D. Remmel, Richard E. Roark, Kathy Snyder Root, Aleta Sims Sarles, Joseph Schnarr, Marion Osmon Schnarr, Michael J. Slaven, Leslie J. Smith, Larry E. Sturgeon, Connie Cox Swafford, Linda Lemon Thomas, Linda Osmon Thompson, Harold Dean Tolliver, Robert J. Upton, Judy Strange Williams, Michael G. Wood, Ronald F. Wray and Duane L. Wuertz.

On Saturday evening, the dinner-dance event was held at the Washington Conservation Club. Larry Mattes welcomed the classmates and guests, made announcements, and recognized the Reunion Committee which was composed of Steve Ash, Judy (Ritterskamp) Cornelius, Carolyn (McCain) Duncan, Joyce (Memering) Goodwin, Peggy (Mahoney) Howard and Robin Riester. A moment of silence was observed for their 74 deceased classmates. The remainder of the evening was enjoyed by dancing to the music of their era.

Dinner was provided by Schnitzelbank Catering. Photography was done by Sandy Clarke Photography.

Activities for the class culminated on June 5, with a golf scramble at the French Lick Ross Course.

WHS classmates attending Saturday evening from Washington were: Steve Ash, JoAnn (Jones) Blackwell, David Boger, Debra (Lemon) Breeden, Terry Chapman, Judy (Ritterskamp) Cornelius, Rod Davis, Carolyn (McCain) Duncan, Joyce (Memering) Goodwin, Roger Gray, Steve Hardy, Peggy (Mahoney) Howard, Barbara (Opell) Huebner, Steve Jones, Larry Mattes, Steve Pershing, Robin Riester, Willard Riggle, Mary (Day) Roark, and Brenda (McCamment) Stradtner.

Other WHS classmates attending from Indiana were: Janet (Goodwin) Byram, Evansville; Phil Cutshall, Vincennes; Janice (Cutshall) Feagans, Loogootee; Cheryl (Geary) Mason, Petersburg; JoAnn (Armes) Masson, Bloomington; Brenda (Arvin) Mattingly, Mooresville; Linda (Killion) Mueller, Greenwood; Fred Palmer, Greenfield; Richie Smith, Boonville; Terry Theroff, Otwell; Terry Thomas, Elizabethtown; Janet (Gress) Waller, Carmel; Richard White, Terre Haute; and Mary Alice (Huffman) Zinkan, Montgomery.

WHS classmates from out-of-state were: Pat (Fecht) Dixon, Alma, NE; Jerry Flake, Plant City, FL; Jackie (Kumpf) Kuntz, Holland, OH; Jane (Clark) Lentz, Cincinnati; Art and Sharon (Riffey) Nalker, Spring Hill, FL; Steve Reddick, Ladson, SC; and Lonnie (Grove) Synoradzki, Houston.

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Groundbreaking Thursday on 'state of the art' mental health facility in Ladson

LADSON, S.C. (WCIV) — Officials with Trident Medical Center are officially breaking ground on a new, standalone behavioral hospital!It will be the first the first freestanding ...

LADSON, S.C. (WCIV) — Officials with Trident Medical Center are officially breaking ground on a new, standalone behavioral hospital!

It will be the first the first freestanding behavioral hospital to open in the Lowcountry in over 30 years.

The nearly 58,790-square-foot facility in Ladson will include a single-story hospital and interior courtyard with space for recreation and therapy. The facility will have “state of the art” inpatient and outpatient services for Lowcountry residents.

The main difference this building will provide in comparison to general hospital care is more of a focus and extended resources for geriatric and adolescent care. The behavioral hospital will continue adult care as well.

The medical director for behavioral health at Trident, Jeffrey Culver, says he starts every day in the emergency room.

Currently, there are only 250 beds for mental health patients in the Lowcountry, and without a dedicated space for them — in most cases — a lot of them must go to the emergency room.

But with the construction of this new facility, Culver hopes it will help provide a safe space for real change and will get more people the help they need.

“I fully expect when this facility opens, that the dialogue both locally and nationally will continue to help chip away at that stigma. I think we're still a long way from where we need to be, where we can talk about mental health and mental illness the same way we talk about things like heart disease and cancer, but we're getting there. And I think being able to open up a brand-new facility and have people see that what we're doing is part of medicine,” Culver said.

ABC News 4's Sean Mahoney spoke with longtime mental health advocate Kelly Troyer, who works with the National Alliance of Mental Illness - Greater Charleston area.

She says the Lowcountry has come a long way in providing mental health services, but that there is still more work to be done and she hopes this will help kickstart that change.

Troyer also says the need for mental health services has drastically increased over the course of the pandemic.

The City of Charleston reported a 78.1 percent increase in the number of suicides from 2020 to 2021.

Troyer also has a personal connection to mental illness, as her son, Alex, was diagnosed with schizophrenia at a young age. She says finding resources in the Lowcountry was nearly impossible in the beginning, as she had to go out of state for care.

However, she says the construction of this new facility is a step in the right direction.

“As far as access to service, no, there's not enough in our state, especially in the rural areas. Then also, even here in the Lowcountry, we have great resources and we have people. But look at the Latino community and the African-American community, there's more [of a ] stigma around mental health conditions, so they don't reach out as much to the access that's here,” Troyer said. “So this groundbreaking of this hospital is very good news for us in our community. And we want to celebrate that.”

The hospital is expected to start out with 60 inpatient beds with the ability to expand and also will provide outpatient resources.

Construction started on the $30.4 million facility started in December, but officials with Trident waited until Thursday to hold the ceremony because of the weather.

Work is expected to wrap up in spring of 2023.

The groundbreaking ceremony and celebration is taking place at 11 a.m., at the construction site, which is about two miles from Trident Medical Center and right off highway 17 in Ladson, at 3445 Ingleside Boulevard.


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